Project Summary
InCircle has developed an algorithm-based approach that captures only the most vital patient data and matches the right drug to the right patient while leveraging the experience and knowledge of expert reviewers with access to accurate data.
Doctors are taking longer than expected to review and approve the data report, as many diagnoses are difficult for neuromuscular disease.Β ModifyingΒ the user experience process would allowΒ for continued expansion for other doctors to review the algorithm and expand services to other payors and specialty drugs to improve patient care.
WeΒ assessed the InCircleReview application to identify opportunities to simplify the experience design and shorten doctors' time to review and approve decision tree results. We providedΒ design comps to illustrate the experience improvements in the application and delivered a foundational design system containing core interface elements and styling that can be leveraged in future digital experience designs.


Empathy Mapping
Brainstorm who the users are based on their experiences. This allows us to understand the context surrounding the user and leads to new opportunities

User Persona Backstory
A quick workshop to understand the audience's goals and frustrations. By understanding what is successful, we can personalize the design for the appropriate audience member.

Problems, Wants, Needs & Outcomes
By working through needs and outcomes, we can focus on the opportunities without focusing on a specific pieceΒ of content.

What's Working, What's Not

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